31 January 2008

What is it like?

My Little Bell
I brought this. It's a little bell. It makes a little noise. It is metal and it is made out of iron or steel because it sticks to a magnet.

What is it like?
It is shiny.

My Toy
This is my toy and it's made of plastic and there is metal. You must not touch the metal. If you touch it you will lose and the nose will turn red. A battery makes it work.

What is it like?
It is opaque and shiny.

My Magnet
These are some magnets and they stick together. You can make a triangle with it.

What is it like?
The balls are shiny and hard. The other metal is coloured.

My pony
It's made out of plastic and I brought it because it has two materials, cotton and plastic.

What is it like?
It is not shiny and it's not bendy. The hair is a little bit shiny.

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